Keeley Sfocato

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Keeley Electronics

Powered by a dual BC109 transistor fuzz circuit paired with a classic wah circuit design, the Keeley Sfocato guitar effects pedal serves up an aggressive fuzz and wah combo. The Sfocato’s Italian inspiration shines through, from its elegant chassis design to the sound of its auto-wah. Go from classic Knopfler to whacked-out Zappa-flavored tones through to unique, experimental weirdness. The Sfocato isn’t for the faint of heart, so if you want to kick subtlety to the curb then this little beast deserves a spot on your pedalboard.

Brand: Keeley

Details: A two transistor BC109 fuzz with an Italian-inspired wah pedal dropped into the tone control! Need Money for Nothing? Need Zappa at your little footies? Just want some jarring and nasty whacked out Fuzz and Wah? This is it. Not for the faint of heart. Perfect for neo-vintage rock sounds. Carve something out for yourself. Tones instantly available instead of foot tapping around to get that perfect bite or WOOLY THICK FUZZ!

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  1. Floyd

    Beautiful-sounding fuzz and responds well to guitar volume adjustments.