Maxon Distortion Master

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Despite its simple control set, the Maxon Distortion Master is among the most versatile distortion units you will ever find. It is capable of producing tremendous amounts of gain while preserving exceptional transparency and evenness. Punch and clarity might seem like self-canceling features, but the Distortion Master gives you both. High-gain settings will not force a certain color to your tone—a valuable trait if you are contented with your specific amp/guitar combo. The Distortion Master’s dual tone controls are very interactive and surgically effective.

Brand: Maxon


  • Full-frequency response
  • Four knob tweakability
  • True bypass switching
  • Better than vintage tone
  • The DS-830 can provide up to 59 dB of crushing boost that will work equally well to overdrive amps or deafen audience members in the first five rows

Details: After decades of research, Maxon has created the ultimate distortion pedal. The DS-830 Distortion Master was designed to act as a versatile distortion unit with high sound pressure and powerful low range at any volume level. With the DS-830, even the smallest transistor amplifier can have the presence and authority of a full stack, and it will turn a full stack into a wrecking ball. DS830 DISTORTION MASTER There really aren’t any secrets to the DS-830’s massive tone — just gain, and lot’s of it. The DS-830 can provide up to 59 dB of crushing boost that will work equally well to overdrive amps or deafen audience members in the first five rows. But don’t mistake the DS-830 for a one-trick pony – Low gain settings yield fat, buttery overdrive tones that are pleasantly reminiscent of a 6L6 amp being pushed hard. Even with all this power the DS-830 maintains a keen dynamic responsiveness, cleaning up beautifully at the roll of your instrument’s volume knob. With such large amounts of gain on hand, it’s easy for your guitar’s tone to get buried underneath the sound of the effect. The DS-830 prevents this with a specially tuned, dual control tone circuit. While most other distortion pedals adopt an ordinary inductor coil and capacitor for their tone circuit, the DS-830 uses a transistor (Toshiba #2SC1815) as a simulated inductor in place of the standard coil. This ingenious component substitution helps make the DS-830’s tone circuit smaller and quieter than other pedals. It also allows for precision tuning of the DS-830’s bottom to be punchy and tight without ever getting muddy or non-descript. The resulting tone is perfect for adding extra low-end beef to the sound of an EL34 powered amplifier. If you require the most powerful distortion without compromising your guitar’s tone, the DS-830 Distortion Master is the only alternative.

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  1. Beema Senna

    Surprisingly equal level with USA made proco RAT (LM308 equipped), in overdrive to distortion mode, not in fuzz RAT mode (Coz there’s no fuzz in Maxon DS-830).
    I did the test side by side using my Bugera Tube Amplifier.
    I just got this used Maxon and love it a lot!!!

    Beema Senna