Maxon 9-Series Sonic Distortion

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Regarded as the “black sheep” of Maxon’s 9-Series, the SD-9 Sonic Distortion provides you with the best features of transistor and op-amp circuits within a compact package. Its unparalleled Low Boost/Hi Boost Tone control gives you more low-end beef compared to other pedals, while its Output and Distortion controls are capable of delivering as much as 55 dB of gain boost. The SD-9 works nicely as a full-frequency overdrive at low gain settings or a hand-held beast at higher gain settings.

Brand: Maxon


  • Convincing balance between transistor and op-amp characteristics
  • Unique Low Boost/Hi Boost tone control offers plenty of beef
  • Output and distortion knobs dish out up to 55dB of vicious gain boost
  • True bypass switching
  • Die-cast zinc case

Publisher: Godlyke Distributing

Release Date: 27-10-2009

Details: The “black sheep” of the 9-Series, the Sonic Distortion offers the best characteristics of transistor and op-amp circuits in one compact unit. The SD9’s unique Low Boost/Hi Boost Tone control offers more low-end beef than other pedals, while it’s Distortion and Output controls can provide up to 55 dB of gain boost. At low gain settings the SD9 functions perfectly as a full-frequency overdrive. Higher gain settings turn the SD9 into a hand-held monster; providing gut-wrenching grind and singing sustain that will make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp downright evil.

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