Maxon RTD800

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The Maxon Real Tube Overdrive/Distortion boasts separate distortion and overdrive circuits coupled with a two triode tube to give you a broad arsenal of saturated tones. Selectable distortion and overdrive circuits deliver a variety of tube sounds, from classic overdrive to high-gain distortion. The RTD800 includes a post-distortion tube configuration for a more natural-sounding tube tone. Three independent tone controls without frequency overlap enable an unparalleled degree of tonal options. The RTD800 also features a foot-switchable boost circuitry with 3-9 dB variable boost.

Brand: Maxon


  • Selectable Overdrive and Distortion circuits provide wide range of tube sounds, from traditional overdrive to high-gain distortion
  • Post-distortion tube configuration for more realistic tube tone
  • Three independent tone circuits to diminish cross-talk and frequency overlap, allowing for an unprecedented degree of tonal options
  • Foot switchable boost circuitry with variable boost of 3-9 dB
  • Power adaptor included

Release Date: 01-05-2011

Details: The RTD800 features independent Overdrive and Distortion circuits combined with a dual triode tube to offer a massive array of saturated tones, from traditional tube overdrive through full-on gated metal distortion. No other tube overdrive pedal offers this degree of versatility in a single package. The selectable Overdrive and Distortion modes are configured as follows: The Overdrive circuit features two stages of clipping – a bi-directional clipping diode in the feedback loop of the op-amp and then a single-diode in the second stage for asymmetrical clipping. The Distortion circuit also features two clipping stages, but configured differently – a bi-directional clipping diode in feedback of op-amp for stage 1, and then a 2nd stage with a passive bi-directional clipping circuit. Unlike other tube overdrive pedals, the RTD800 places the tube AFTER the OD/Distortion circuits, making it the best tube overdrive pedal to recreate an authentic tube-amp tone. Gain and Master Controls allow the user to dial the amount of distortion and output level. The three Tone controls are completely independent with no frequency overlap, allowing for an unprecedented degree of tonal options. Everything is kept clean and tight via the variable VCA Noise Reduction circuit, which features an LED status indicator and On/Off switch. In addition, the RTD800 features a Foot switchable Boost function that can be varied between 3-9 dB via an internal trim pot. Like all Maxon products, the RTD800 features True Mechanical Bypass switching using a 3PDT switch. The RTD800 comes complete with the Maxon AC2009 9-Volt power supply, an auto sensing digital power supply that can be used anywhere in the world. When you require an unparalleled variety of REAL-tube tones, only the Maxon RTD800 will do.

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