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Mooer Audio

Budget stompbox company Mooer gives the classic phaser pedal a unique spin with the Phaser Player guitar effects pedal. It features three different phaser sounds: a classic phaser effect; a repeating, sample and hold type of phaser; and a phaser with manual wah-like sweeping. Tiny as it is, the Phaser Player also acts as its own expression pedal. It actually has three activation modes: normal latching footswitch, momentary footswitch, and a hybrid mode combining the first two. Not bad for a stompbox you can put in your pocket.

Brand: MOOER


  • Three different phaser types built into a convenient mini expression pedal
  • The portable expression pedal designed for easy,on the fly, speed control.
  • t’s equipped with MOOER’s unique pressure sensing footswitch circuit and has 3 different methods of activation.

Publisher: Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co.,LTD

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  1. Oscar

    Phaser Player is neither a classic nor groundbreaking, and it doesn’t allow effects change on the fly. Performance pretty much depends on how you use it. In terms of hardware, it’s compact and pretty solid.