Old Blood Noise Endeavors Flat Light

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors

From highly resonant metallic sounds to pitch shifting flanger to reverb-esque delays and distinctive swooshes, the Flat Light from Old Blood Noise Endeavors will induce motion to your sound regardless of where it sits within your signal path. It features three flanger modes: Echo (reverb-like delay), Detune (shimmering pitch shift), and Resonate (highly resonant multi flange). The Flat Light consists of Rate, Depth, Shift, and Mix knobs. Mix control allows you to go from pure dry to 100% wet. Rate and Depth knobs let you set the rate and depth, respectively.

Brand: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Color: White


  • Three modes of flanger: Detune (shimmering pitch shift), Resonate (highly resonant multiflange), and Echo (reverb-like delay)
  • Four controls to shape the sound: Rate to set rate, Depth to set depth, Shift to affect the something extra, and Mix to go from 100% dry to 100% wet
  • A Tilt footswitch to momentarily maximize Rate or Shift controls
  • Expression jack for external control of Rate or Shift parameters
  • Internal trimpot to control output level

Publisher: Old Blood Noise

Details: Building effects around a foundation of flanging, the Flat Light is the latest in the Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedal line. From pitch shifting flanger to highly resonant metallic sounds to reverb-like delays and recognizable swooshes, the Flat Light will induce motion to your sound no matter where it sits in your signal path. https://youtu.be/GdDhEAQg7EA

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  1. Andy

    Flat Light offers a fresh new take on an old effect. The three flanging modes are great, but the tones are more icy than warm. I still prefer a warm-sounding flanger.