Tapestry Audio Bloomery Active Volume Pedal (White)

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Tapestry Audio

Save precious pedalboard real estate with the Tapestry Audio Bloomery, an efficient, compact, and user-friendly active volume pedal. It boasts several differences from a standard volume control pedal. It is machined out of steel, getting that tough solid feel. A slide potentiometer is paired with a direct shaft drive, eradicating the need for pesky strings. The active model lets you avoid tone loss at high-end frequencies and preserve a clean instrument tone. With a smooth volume curve, you get a more nuanced pedal sweep.

Brand: Tapestry Audio

Color: White


  • Save pedalboard space with this compact, efficient and easy to use active volume pedal
  • Slide potentiometer and direct shaft drive eliminate the need for strings
  • A uniquely smooth volume curve allows for a more nuanced pedal sweep
  • Avoids high frequency tone loss and keeps guitar tone clean

Details: The Tapestry Audio Bloomery Volume Pedal Active possesses some highly unique differences from a typical volume control pedal. First, the Bloomery is only 7.8″ x 2.25″, so it requires less space while still being comfortable for your foot. The pedal is machined out of steel, giving it a tough, sturdy solid feel. A slide potentiometer is coupled with a direct shaft drive, eliminating the need of pesky strings. The lack of a string provides a unique smooth volume curve. The active model helps users avoid tone loss at high end frequencies and maintain clean guitar tone with two buffer circuits. This model does require power to operate.

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  1. Pierre

    Aesthetically speaking, it’s beautiful and classy. I also love that it’s very compact. However, I hate how the potentiometer would slightly bend when it slid.