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Black Cat

The Mini Trem from Black Cat is a dual function tremolo/clean boost within one pedal. It sports a spiffy new look and several additional features. It boasts a sixties-style tremolo with DEPTH and SPEED knobs. The circuit features a clean FET boost with TONE and BOOST controls. Black Cat added another stomp switch for double-speed/half-speed switching, and an LED flashing in time to the tremolo’s rate. The Mini Trem shines by utilizing the blend of all four controls, producing the most comprehensive variety of timbres and tones possible in any stompbox tremolo.

Brand: Black Cat

Details: From Black Cat;The Black Cat Mini Trem is a dual function tremolo/clean boost in one pedal. Part of the legacy of the original Black Cat line, the new Mini Trem sports some additional features and a spiffy new look. At the heart of this pedal is a classic, sixties-style tremolo with Speed and Depth controls. The circuit also incorporates a clean FET boost with controls for Boost and Tone. Finally, we’ve added a second stomp switch that allows for half-speed/double-speed switching, and an LED that flashes in time with the rate of the tremolo. The tremolo and clean boost effects can function independently of one another, but the Mini Trem really shines by using the combination of all four controls, which yields the widest variety of tones and timbres available in any stompbox tremolo. The Black Cat Mini Trem lets you “voice” the sound of your tremolo, from a deep and swampy throb to a sharp staccato stutter.

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  1. Jason

    It’s a high-quality hand-wired pedal. Extremely customizable, incredible tone, and cuts through better than my Boss Tremolo.


  2. Kevin

    Great built-like-a-tank tremolo pedal for retro sounds. The best part is you can double or halve the tremolo speed while keeping in tempo.