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The Catalinbread Valcoder takes ’60s Valco-style tremolo in a pedalboard-friendly package. Catalinbread has revamped its 2008 Valcoder pedal to include separate Output and Input knobs that provide greater creative flexibility and allow you to produce more sounds. The Valcoder features an all-discrete analog circuitry that reacts to your picking style. You can now enjoy the real-feel ’60s amp experience without needing to lug around a vintage heavy tube amp. All you need is some cables, your guitar, and the Valcoder!

Brand: Catalinbread

Color: Blue


  • Mid 60’s Valco-style dirty garage tremolo
  • The Catalinbread Valcoder was designed to recreate the tube tremolo as well as the amplifier breakup of these vintage amplifiers
  • Separate input and output controls allow you to get anything from a clean tremolo sound all the way up to a gritty tube like breakup driving the tremolo circuit.
  • The Valcoder features an all discrete analog LFO circuit inspired by 60’s Valco tube tremolo
  • The Valcoder has a dynamic and responsive audio path (JFET based) that adds a bit of vintage tube amp style grit and slight compression to your sound

Release Date: 17-02-2016

Details: Mid 60’s Valco-style dirty garage tremolo. The Valco company of Chicago made amplifiers under their own name in addition to building amps for other companies such as Supro, National, and Gretsch, to name a few. Most of these were lower powered amps with a great sounding natural tube breakup and many models also featured a unique sounding tube driven tremolo. It had a hypnotic throb and was also capable of hard, choppy tremolo. Combined with the breakup overdriven characteristics of the amplifier, it created a percussive, rhythmic pulse that is very inspiring to play.

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  1. West

    Well built and really versatile tremolo pedal. It’s beefy and full of character. By tweaking the input and output controls, it can also act as a preamp.