Big Joe R-409 Tremolo

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Big Joe

The Big Joe R-409 Tremolo is an all-analog, vactrol-based optical tremolo guitar effects pedal. You can control the pedal’s modulation effect from 1Hz to 10Hz using the Speed and Depth knobs, while the Shape knob lets you go from a square waveform to a triangular one for amp tremolo sounds emulating everything from a vintage Vox to a classic Fender. The Big Joe R-409 Tremolo features true bypass switching and supports 9V to 18V power supply units.

Brand: Big Joe Stomp Box Company

Details: Big Joe Stomp Box Company R-409 Tremolo The Big Joe Tremolo is a 9v-18v, 5-knob, all analog, true bypass, vactrol based optical tremolo. The Speed and Intensity knobs set and control modulation effect between 1Hz-10Hz.  Shape control varies wave form from square to triangle so you can have new wave or vintage character; Vox to Fender and anywhere in between.  Tone control allows you to alter the mood and“make-up” for potential tone loss associated with the tremolo action.  Output control functions as a gain trim pot control and helps to “make-up”, recover or punch up the gain structure so there is no loss of tone or volume going through the pedal, and both can be enhanced by twisting a couple of knobs.  A very unique and organic sounding tremolo pedal. Big Joe Stomp Box Company R-409 Tremolo Features: True bypass

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