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Empress Effects

Empress Effects’ ZOIA is loaded with a massive collection of modules to realize virtually anything you can imagine. LFOs, oscillators, bit crushers, filters, envelope followers are only some of the available modules which may be connected in almost any way you desire. Essentially a modular synthesizer in pedal form, the ZOIA offers the modules required to build a tremolo or delay from the ground up. It allows you to craft your custom effects, midi controllers, synthesizers, and digital pedalboards. Empress Effects has also developed modules for all your common guitar effects.

Brand: Empress Effects


  • 80+ Modules and Growing – ZOIA comes packed with a vast collection of modules to create just about anything you can dream up. With ZOIA the only limit is your imagination!
  • Create your own effects, synths, control devices, and more! – Oscillators, LFOs, filters, bit crushers, envelope followers – these are just a handful of the included modules that can be connected in almost any way imaginable. If you can dream it up, you can create it!
  • 20+ Ready-Made Effects Modules – Pre-built effects modules such as reverbs, delays, chorus’, flangers, overdrives and more.
  • Up to 64 Patches – Create and save up to 64 patches that can be easily recalled during live p
  • Swap and Share Patches – Join the community of ZOIA users on patchstorage.com to try out other users patches, or upload your own awesome creations to share with the world.

Details: What’s a ZOIA?The ZOIA is basically a modular synthesizer in pedal form. Instead of being a delay effect or tremolo, the ZOIA provides the modules necessary to build a delay or tremolo from the ground up. But since you’re the one building it, you can make it do whatever you want. With the ZOIA you can build your own custom effects, synthesizers, midi controllers, and virtual pedal boards. And to make life a little easier, Empress Effects has created modules for all your standard guitar effects. So for instance, if you want a phaser, you can just plop down a phaser. You don’t have to break out the textbooks to learn that they’re built out of all-pass filters. (Of course, if you’re like Empress Effects, you can use the ZOIA to build them out of all-pass filters.)Features:80+ Modules GrowingCreate Your own Effects, Synths, Control Devices, More (Including Oscillators, LFOs, Filters, Bit Crushers, Envelope Followers)20+ Ready-Made Effects Modules Such as Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Flangers, Overdrives, MoreCreate Save up to 64 Patches that can be Easily Recalled During Live PerformancesSwap Share Patches on patchstorage.com to Try out Other Users’ Patches, or Upload Your OwnOLED Display Screen for Easy EditingControl Port MIDI ConnectivityBuilt-In Help – Dedicated Help Function Gives You Quick Information at a Glance about ZOIA’s Various Modules OptionsHigh-Quality Audio – 48kHz Sampling w/ 24 bit Conversion 32 bit Internal ProcessingLow-Noise Signal Path, Signal to Noise of 105dB1/8 to MIDI Dongles SD Card Included to Load Save Patches to/from ZOIA, Get Updates Newest Firmware from empresseffects.comGet your Empress Effects ZOIA Modular Synthesizer and Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

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  1. Meryl

    Fantastic sounds, endless possibilities, and great construction. It just went above and beyond my expectations.