Epigaze Audio Custom Shop Singularity MKII Fuzz

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The Custom Shop Singularity from Epigaze Audio allows you full control over the bias for each of the three transistors to customize your fuzz to taste. This version comes in a larger chassis with black aluminum aesthetics and blue sparkle paint. The Singularity’s main controls are Horizon and Gravity, which control the fuzz attack and volume or level respectively, while Q1 to Q3 knobs set the bias voltage. The Singularity is a nice fuzz pedal you will surely appreciate.

Brand: Epigaze Audio


  • True Bypass
  • Germanium Transistors
  • Hand Wired in the USA
  • Standard 9vDC Input
  • Quality Components

Details: The same great sound of our Singularity fuzz with more options. The Custom Shop Singularity gives you complete control of the bias for each of the three transistors to tailor your fuzz to your liking. From smooth, gated, and borderline octave fuzz tones. The Custom Shop version is built into a larger enclosure with blue sparkle paint and black aluminum aesthetics. The main controls of the Singularity are Gravity and Horizon. The Gravity controls the level or volume, and the Horizon controls the attack of the fuzz. Controls Q1- Q3 adjust the bias voltage. The Singularity is a great fuzz pedal that is sure to become one of your favorites. A gravitational singularity or spacetime singularity is a location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field become infinite in a way that does not depend on the coordinate system. These quantities are the scalar invariant curvatures of spacetime, which includes a measure of the density of matter.

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