Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo

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Ernie Ball

WIth its rocker-style pedal form, the Ernie Ball Expression Series Tremolo pedal gives you complete and precise control over its sweepable tremolo effects without requiring any extra expression pedal attachments. Choose from five different tremolo waveforms—Slow Rise, Slow Fall, Sine, Square, and Harmonic—and then use the treadle to control the tremolo depth and rate individually or both at the same time. Leave the treadle open in the zero position and you get an ultra-clear transparent signal that doesn’t color your core tone at all.

Brand: Ernie Ball

Color: Purple


  • 5 different tremolo waveforms: slow rise, slow fall, sine, square, harmonic
  • Control depth, rate, or both simultaneously with treadle
  • Spring reverb level adjustment (Foot gesture controlled)
  • Mono input/mono output
  • 9V input

Publisher: Ernie Ball Music Man

Details: The Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo delivers foot-sweepable tremolo control, all without taking your hands off the guitar. Choose from 5 distinct waveforms (slow rise, slow fall, sine, square, and harmonic) plus onboard vintage inspired spring reverb to create subtle or dramatic pulsating soundscapes. Control depth, rate, or both parameters simultaneously with the foot treadle. The Expression Tremolo’s sleek, compact design maximizes playability, while minimizing the footprint on your pedal board. Unlock a virtually limitless tonal palette that simply can’t be matched by traditional “on/off” stompboxes. Available now in the U.S., and available internationally in September 2018.

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  1. Sandra

    Sounds really good, and the build quality seems pretty much bulletproof. It’s a bit tricky to use at first but easy to adjust while playing. I also liked the purple enclosure. The only con is that it doesn’t ship with a power cord.


  2. Linus

    You’ll get tons of sounds out of this ultra-versatile trem. All five modes are valuable and beautiful-sounding. I also love the ability to slow down and speed up the rate.