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The JF-328 Nebulous Phase guitar effects pedal from Joyo packs a big analog phase punch in a small, budget-friendly unit. Phase-heads get a lot of tonal control with this four-stage phaser thanks to a trio of knobs that control Speed, Width (Joyo’s name for Depth knobs), and Feedback. As an Ironman pedal, the JF-328 is small enough to fit in your pocket and comes with a flip cover for keeping the control knobs safe from stray stomps.

Brand: JOYO


  • In the new IRONMAN mini series
  • Excellent analog Phase response in a very small footprint
  • Add some Phase to your signal chain! True Bypass Construction. Great little unit from Joyo !

Publisher: Joyo

Details: Joyo is back with their much anticipated Ironman mini series. Well built little units with a great tonal response. These little minis are housed in a very solid metal casing with a features an ingenious housing enclosure over the knobs that protects your tone settings from accidental movement and also protects from dust, spills etc. The LED will show through the black plexi face when the unit is engaged. Very nice touch! The JOYO “Nebulous” is a classic analog phaser that gives you just a bit more control over your phased sound than the average old school phaser: In addition to Speed, you can also control Width and Feedback. Whether you want a slight movement in your lead sound or deep and watery phase sweeps for wide cleans, this tiny little box can do it all. Organic response- small footprint. Nebulous Phase dimensions are: 1 1/2″ W x 2 3/4 ” H x 1 1/2″ D True Bypass Construction. Great little unit from Joyo !

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  1. Ted

    A good substitute for my MXR Phase 90. Balanced tone and the trio of parameters are really handy in producing my preferred sound.