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The classic far-out phaser sounds of the ‘70s, crammed into a compact and affordable guitar effects pedal. It’s amazing how much tonal depth Joyo was able to pack into the JF-06 Vintage Phase, seeing as this guitar effects pedal only has one control knob. Hold back on the Speed knob for some chunky, phase-tinged rhythm work and then crank it up to the max to get that Pink Floyd-style wide and spacey psychedelic phase vibe.

Brand: JOYO


  • The Vintage Phase pedal beautifully re-creates the classic phaser sounds of the 70’s; that wide spacy, eerie phase effect that fans of Van Halen love! Easy to use, with just the single “speed” control knob–you can dial up that in-and-out of phase tone in no time!
  • True bypass design minimizes tone loss.
  • Aluminum alloy casing with stoving varnish finish.
  • Dimensions: 11.8(L)X6.4(H)X3.8(W)cm
  • Weight:0.38KG

Details: The JF-06 Vintage Phase pedal is a modern replica of the pedal that made Eddie Van Halen’s sound! The divebombs and swirling buzz of his custom electric guitars, ran through those high-gain amps cranked to 11 just wouldn’t have been the same without a Phaser on select tunes. Probably one of the best, most musical effects a lead guitar can employ for sound creation. There are probably still new tones to be achieved.

The JF-06 from Joyo features true bypass wiring, and only one simple control know, marked “Speed” – this controls the rate at which the phaser cycles its pulses. The thing can go from underwater to subtle beauty and depth in a matter of a 1/16 note. Purchase two if you have several songs where you want to use different (pre-established) rates. The price is so there, it actually makes this possible.

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  1. Marlon

    Great phaser to have if you don’t have one yet or are only playing at home. I don’t think it’s a studio-quality unit as it really muddles your tone. Nevertheless, it’s an ok pedal for the price.