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The Big Fella guitar effects pedal is all about big rock sound. This is one of Lunastone’s “True Overdrive” pedals; instead of clipping diodes, its overdrive tone is powered by cascading gain stages. This translates to a tube-like, naturally compressed sound. You get two distinct switch-selectable overdrive flavors: OD1 goes up to low-gain crunch, while OD2 serves up a smooth distortion with more gain. There’s also a dedicated boost footswitch, so you can use the overdrive and the boost independently or together.

Brand: LunaStone


  • Fat and Punchy Overdrive with Loads of Gain
  • A Wide Gain Range – From Soft Rhythm Crunch to Soaring Leads
  • Independent +15 dB level boost
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Top-Mounted Jacks and DC-plug Save Space on Your Pedal Board

Publisher: LUNASTONE

Details: The Big Fella is your one stop station to a modern rock tone in our popular 2-in-1 pedal format. The tone of this hard-hitting drive gem will fill the room with a massive overdrive that is super fat, yet with a firm low end. The Big Fella is all about sustain and power, yet its very transparent voice blends smoothly with the sound of your amp when cranked up, supporting the characteristics of your guitar in full. With the Big Fella at your feet, you simply get a full-bodied overdrive with a thick, high-gain rawness and a massive punch that makes a small amp sound like a stack blasting at full power. Back off the volume on your guitar and you’ll get a clean, undistorted sound. Turn it back up and you’re straight back in the hardcore business of rock ‘n’ roll!

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  1. Lucy

    Natural-sounding and works really well for rock. However, I don’t think it’s versatile enough for other styles.