LunaStone Smooth Drive 1

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As a low-gain option for musicians who want the tone of True Overdrive 1 but don’t have much use for the higher gain stages, the Smooth Drive 1’s overdrive is subtle, smooth, and gentle. With a little persuasion, though, this guitar effects pedal from Lunastone can still give you a dirty, low-gain growl that’s perfect for blues and rock. And since the control knobs are placed diagonally, you can quickly adjust them with your foot even when you’re in the middle of a solo.

Brand: Lunastone

Details: Smooth Drive 1 uses a proprietary cascaded-gain-stages design principle to ensure an extremely tube-like sound. The gain range is set with subtle crunchy tones in mind, but can also add genuine overdrive bite if you crank it up, and while it sounds like a tube amp, just as importantly, it also behaves like a tube amp dynamically, which means you can clean up the tone just by using the Volume knob on your guitar. In short, this pedal is the perfect choice for guitar players who love those slightly crunchy tones that resemble tasteful blues and smooth jazz.Cascaded-Gain-Stages Design for TrueOverDrive SoundThe secret behind the tube-like sound of the TrueOverDrive is a cascaded-gain-stages design. Unlike diode-clipping pedals that often has a certain tipping point, where the overdrive kicks in all of a sudden, the Smooth Drive 1 is super-consistent throughout the entire dynamic range.Tasteful Low-Gain TonesSmooth Drive 1 deliberately focuses on the low-gain spectrum, adding subtle and very tasteful crunch to blues and jazz players alike.Sounds and Behaves Like a Tube AmpThe cascading of many analog components in a very particular order ensures that Smooth Drive 1 allows for not only the sound of tubes, but also the behavioral characteristics, where you can control a single setting on the pedal by adjusting the Volume on your guitar just like you would a classic tube amp.Cascaded-Gain-Stages Design for TrueOverDrive Sound Tasteful Low-Gain TonesSounds and Behaves Like a Tube AmpTrueOverDrive with a super-smooth and gentle touchCrunchy, crispy and elegant through and throughSounds and behaves like a tube ampTrue Bypass Soft switching w/ relayGet your Lunastone Smooth Drive 1 today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

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