LunaStone Blue Drive 1

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It won’t be able to push your amp much further than a low growl, but high-gain aggression is not what Lunastone’s Blue Drive 1is all about. This guitar effects pedal is the perfect low-gain distortion for giving your amp’s clean tone a more gritty bite without compromising your sound’s core tonal characteristics. It’s very transparent and has a sweet, lingering sustain that lets held notes decay naturally. Volume, Tone, and Dist knobs give you plenty of tone-shaping flexibility.

Brand: Lunastone

Details: Blue Drive 1 has a dual-sided personality that allows it to be dialed in for beautiful and gentle crunch tones, as well as roaring and ‘ugly’ sounds when that is what the tune requires. The knob layout has been designed to enable you to reach the outer Volume and Drive knobs with your foot while playing in case you need to make subtle adjustments on the fly, and it is an all-analog pedal that is made from super-high quality components from the ground up. Blue Drive 1 is for the blues and rock players who appreciate crunch as well as grunge!Overdrive with Character and a Dual-PersonalityDo you feel like Doctor Jekyll or Mister Hyde today? Blue Drive 1 nails both personalities easily. Set the Drive moderately for delicious bluesy tones and more aggressively for those hardcore sounds that creeps into the distortion domain.Adjust with Your Foot on the FlyChances are that you bend over to slightly adjust the overall volume or the amount of drive during gigs more than once. Every room and venue has different acoustics that changes character as it fills up with people. So, slight adjustments are often required. Blue Drive 1 allows you to give the Volume and Drive knobs a little notch with your foot, being located on near the edges of the chassis.High-quality, All-Analog ComponentsBlue Drive 1 is analog through and through, and is built only from high quality components that ensure durability and reliability during gigs, as well as great sound!Overdrive with Character and a Dual-Personality Adjust with Your Foot on the FlyHigh-quality, All-Analog ComponentsBeautiful Scandinavian designTrue-bypassSoft switching w/ relayGet your Lunastone Blue Drive 1 today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

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