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Despite its name, the Jet Engine flanger guitar effects pedal from the budget stomp maestros at Mooer can do more than make your guitar sound like a jet doing a low-altitude fly-by. You get two different flanger modes: Hi-Fi mode has a tighter high end while Classic mode serves up a warm, saturated flang effect. It’s also got a secret weapon: hold down the footswitch to engage Extreme mode and make your flanged-out signal soar to insane new heights. The Jet Engine is also one of the few flanger units to come with tap tempo.

Brand: MOOER


  • Two different flange pedals in one
  • Highly versatile controls with a vast range of adjustability
  • Real-time feedback ramp control for crazy special effects
  • Tiny footprint
  • Heavy duty, all metal construction

Publisher: Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd

Details: Take off to the skies with the JET ENGINE dual flanger pedal from MOOER.
This Micro sized modulation stompbox, packs two different digital algorithms which can beautifully recreate all your favourite analog flange effects from the 70’s and 80’s.

The beauty of it being digital is that all of the effect parameters are extremely flexible.

Switching between H.FLANGER and B.FLANGER will change the frequency range of the modulation providing anything from warm classic filtering to pristine hi fi style swooshyness.

The DEPTH and WIDTH controls provide the ability to adjust the oscillation range and intensity to really dial in your tone.

Coupled together with a standard RATE control and a mix LEVEL adjustment, JET ENGINE can be as subtle or as crazily ‘in your face’ as you could possibly desire.

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t add some extra hidden surprise with this little pedal. Press and hold down the footswitch for a moment and JET ENGINE will engage full afterburners as the feedback ramps up to extreme heights.

A very versatile, highly tweakable and incredibly fun modulation pedal

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