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Compressor and Booster pedals are the secret weapons of gigging guitarists. You can now get both pedals within one convenient metal enclosure with selectable signal routing. The NUX Masamune Booster and Kompressor is a sound-crafter pedal. The Boost Section includes Hi-Cut, Boost Level, and Drive controls, while the Compressor Section features Sustain, Clip, Blend, and Komp Level controls. The Masamune also contains an external footswitch jack Input, and you can conveniently operate the unit through the additional remote switch.

Brand: NUX


  • Booster and Compressor 2-in-1 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
  • Offers huge razor-sharp dynamic sound, the quality on the level of a Japanese Katana
  • Use both effects in parallel connection
  • Toggle-UP the MUTEX to engage only one effect at a time
  • High quality,Professional and Easy to use

Details: Masamune’s Kompressor does a remarkable job managing and enhancing your signal: Komp Level knob adjusts the final Output level for the Compressor, perfectly balancing your Input and Output signals. Sustain knob adjusts the compression ratio, and increases sustain. Higher sustain levels will squash your signal harder when you hit the strings and creates a longer, richer sustain. Blend knob adjusts the compressor transparency from 50% to 100%, so you can dial-in the exact amount of compressed dry-signal blend you want.

Clip Toggle allows you to choose the clipping range of your Input signal. The Toggle-UP position will squeeze the signal for voluminous sound, and Toggle-DOWN will open up more space on your clipping range.

Inside Routing
NUX Masamune Booster & Kompressor has inside routing with 3 Functions:
– Use both effects in parallel connection.
– Toggle-UP the MUTEX to engage only one effect at a time.
– Choose which effect you want to come first on your signal chain.

Kompressor with 2 clipping modes
Komp Level
Booster with hi-cut toggle switch
Inside routing
External Switch Output

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1* NUX Masamune

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  1. Jean-Michel

    Masamune is a very good compressor pedal that includes a boost function that sounds pleasant to my taste.