NUX Masamune Booster & Kompressor

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The Masamune Booster and Kompressor by NUX gives you compressor and booster pedals in one convenient metal chassis with selectable signal routing. It features a design of combined circuits, dry signal, compression, two gain stage of FET boost, routing. Its Compressor Section carries Sustain, Clip, Blend, and Komp Level controls, while the Boost Section comes with Drive, Hi-Cut, and Boost Level controls. Masamune’s Kompressor does an impressive job managing and improving your signal. The Booster gives a beneficial color to your signal.

Brand: NUX


  • a design of combined circuits, compression, dry signal, 2 gain stage of FET boost, routing
  • The Boost Section comes with Boost Level, Drive, and Hi-Cut controls
  • The Compressor Section comes with Komp Level, Sustain, Blend, and Clip controls.
  • Enhancing your sound before sending your signal to your amp or any effects unit

Publisher: Cherub Technology Co.,Ltd

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