NUX Monterey Vibe

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Devised to reproduce the iconic 60s and 70s psychedelic rock guitar sound, the Monterey Vibe boasts all the classic Uni-vibe style selections: Rotary-Speaker, Chorus, and Phaser pedal. NUX revamped the vintage four-stage phaser circuit by replacing it with a revolutionary 32-Bit floating DSP for processing its custom algorithm. The Monterey Vibe produces a distinctive effect tone; a combination of rotary, chorus, phaser, and tremolo. You can find this unique tone in Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs,” Pink Floyd’s “Breathe,” and the haunting audio mood for Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun.”

Brand: NUX


  • It features all of the classic Uni-vibe style selections: Chorus, Rotary-Speaker, and Phaser pedal.
  • 32Bit floating DSP to process the custom algorithm
  • Micro USB-port to upgrade the firmware

Publisher: Cherub Technology Co,.Ltd

Details: NUX Monterey Vibe, born to recreate the grand, yet complex, psychedelic rock guitar sound of the 1960’s and 70’s. It features all of the classic Uni-vibe style selections: Chorus, Rotary-Speaker, and Phaser pedal. We modernized the original 4 stage phaser circuit ( a pulsating bulb surrounded by 4 photo-resistors ) by replacing it with a powerful 32Bit floating DSP to process our custom algorithm. What was the outcome? A perfect mimic of the complex physical-phenomena of its original analog circuitry. NUX Monterey Vibe generates a truly unique effect tone; a mix of chorus, tremolo, rotary, and phaser. This unique tone can be found in Pink Floyd’s ‘Breathe’, Robin Trower’s ‘Bridge of Sighs’, and the haunting audio mood created for ‘Machine Gun’ by Jimi Hendrix. The earliest Uni-Vibe effect pedal came out in the 1960’s. Cutting-edge guitarists were seeking a replacement for the heavy rotary speaker amplifier–configured from a standard amplifier for the electronic pipe organ. The original Leslie speakers did have a charm of their own, but it was more than compensated for by gaining the phaser effect, and the ease-of-use of a simple pedal configuration. Just like the traditional Uni-Vibe pedal, you can switch between Chorus ( the Uni-vibe effect ) or Vibrato, by simply holding the foot-switch. In Chorus mode, the mix of Phaser and dry guitar signals produces a classic Rotary sound. In Vibrato mode, your pitch modulates between high and low. Both modes yield a rich, vintage vibe at any speed, intensity, or volume.

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  1. John Campbell

    Bought one while in between vibes and was amazed that it held its own.
    There’s a lot of “Emporer’s new clothes” about musical gear.
    The best vibe I have tried is the Jam Retro vibe and when I ab’d it against the Monterey I could only discern that the Jam Retrovibe was slightly brighter.
    Needless to say The Jam was returned and I kept the Monterey on my board and £268 in my wallet.
    As with most things musical, it’s the sound in your head that matters, but if you use your ears instead of your eyes, you can sound just as good for less.

    John Campbell