Pigtronix Mothership2

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Transform your bass or guitar into a three-voice analog synthesizer with the Mothership 2 pedal from Pigtronix. It consists of five custom dual-concentric knobs that give you incredible control over synth parameters, including separate level controls for square wave, triangle wave, and sine wave oscillators. Paired with your clean guitar tone, you have a massive synth voice capable of covering three octaves. It accurately tracks your instrument’s pitch and amplitude. The Mothership 2 will unlock a different world of creative potential for your bass or guitar.

Brand: Pigtronix

Color: Purple


  • World’s fastest pitch-tracking circuit
  • Velocity-sensitive dynamics control
  • Glide control for pitch-following portamento
  • Hard Sync function w/ glide modulation
  • TRS Expression / TS CV input (0-5V range)

Details: The Printronix Mother ship 2 is a velocity-sensitive, pitch-tracking, three-voice analog synthesizer with oscillator hard sync and pitch modulation via portamento and CV / Expression control. Housed in a compact aluminum chassis, this state-of-the-art pedal goes light years beyond the original Mother ship, delivering a user-friendly guitar synth with real-time pitch and amplitude tracking, switchable preset tunings and a devastating Sync effect that delivers new modulation effects for guitar, bass and anyone brave enough to plug into the analog future of Printronix. The dashboard of the Mother ship 2 contains five, custom-made dual-concentric potentiometers and a pair of toggle switches. The top row of controls provides individual level knobs for VCO (triangle wave) and Square wave voices as well as the original Clean guitar sound and a gut-busting Sub-octave Sine wave voice that can be removed from the main mix bus and sent to its own dedicated bass amplifier when the SUB output jack is used. The middle row of controls provides Master Volume, Glide, Fine Tune and an adjustable Dynamics function that allows the player to adjust the feel of the synths amplitude tracking. The bottom row of controls contains the three-way tuning switch with Unison, Octave Up, and Interval (Maj 3rd, 4th, 5th) presets as well as a new Sync function that slaves the VCOs triangle and square wave oscillators to the input signal, creating a pitch-locked, unison sound with complex harmonics and overtones that can be modulated. The Sync effect found in the Mother ship 2 can be dialed in to create a staggering array of unique sounds using the Sweep and Timbre controls as well the onboard Glide function to achieve modulation and pitch effects that sweep from one note to another with adjustable timing.

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  1. H. Ronson

    Mothership 2 is a really well-made pedal that tracks my signal flawlessly and passes my clean signal seamlessly.

    H. Ronson