Supro Boost

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The Boost pedal from Supro is perfect for transparently driving your tube amp. The JFET based pedal design gives you up to 20dB noiseless gain boost along with an optional Low Pass or High Pass filtering to sculpt your sound. Straightforward, simple, and efficient, the Supro Boost stays sweet and clean at any setting, regardless of how hard you drive it with your other pedals ahead in the chain. It remains frequency linear as you adjust the gain, letting you dial in your preferred boost level without compromising the overall tone.

Brand: Supro

Color: Silver


  • Boost Pedal with True Bypass Switching
  • TRS Expression Pedal Port

Details: There is no better pedal for transparently driving a tube amp than the Supro Boost. This J-FET based pedal design delivers up to 20dB noiseless gain boost plus optional High Pass or Low Pass filtering to contour your sound. Simple, straight-forward and effective, the Supro Boost pedal remains clean and sweet at all settings, no matter how hard you push it with other pedals earlier in the chain. The Supro boost also remains frequency linear as the gain is adjusted, allowing the musician to set the desired level of boost without sacrificing overall tone or requiring them to adjust their amp’s EQ settings to compensate.

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  1. Lee

    Well built and sounds good, but the knob design could be better. I’m having a hard time seeing the white position markers.