Danelectro The Eisenhower Fuzz

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Despite its name, the Eisenhower Fuzz guitar effect pedal from Danelectro isn’t stately and gentlemanly at all; it’s a balls-to-the-wall octave fuzz effect generator that comes at you like a sledgehammer. Extreme gain coupled with four dedicated control knobs—Volume, Fuzz, Treble, and Bass—and a Flat-Sculpt toggle switch lets you dish out everything from buzzy, old-school fuzz to massive metal tones with a tinge of atonal weirdness. This slim form stompbox doesn’t run on battery juice and needs to be connected to a compatible 9V power supply.

Brand: Danelectro

Details: This 50 year old is just hitting its stride. Over the top Fuzz with super hot Octave effect. A mint example will cost you plenty. But it still will not sound half as good as this. We amped the gain and added EQ. Delicious harmonics with super out front octave. Sculpt setting scoops mids and boosts bass for outrageous in your face tone. Such Fun!

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  1. Tony

    It’s an excellent Hendrix-style fuzz with very responsive controls and loads of different fuzz tones to discover. Such a great buy.


  2. Shawn

    Awesome piece of gear. It’s essentially a retro Shin-Ei FY-6 Superfuzz, but adding a few tweaks, like a handy two-band EQ and soft-touch footswitch, gives it a modern flavor without losing its vintage design.