EarthQuaker Devices Tone Job V2

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EarthQuaker Devices

It’s not easy to cram the tone-sculpting capabilities of an audiophile-grade stereo preamp into a compact stompbox, but EarthQuaker Devices did exactly that with the Tone Job EQ and boost guitar effects pedal. The Treble, Bass, and Mid control knobs each have up to 20db of cut or boost, so you get a wide range of frequency responses from your signal. And speaking of your signal, the Level knob can kick it up by up to five times its original input level, letting you soar through the mix when you need a boost.

Brand: Earthquaker Devices

Color: MultiColored


  • A compact Boost & EQ is based on the tone-shaping options available in old audiophile-grade stereo preamps
  • A great addition to your pedalboard no matter what you play
  • You’ll hear full frequency response from your Tone Job everywhere you plug it in
  • Place the Tone Job at the beginning of your chain to alter the overall character of your guitar
  • Use it at the end to boost output at the end of a long cable run and fine-tune your tone
  • Made with care by human hands in Akron, Ohio

Details: The Tone Job is a complete tone enhancement tool designed around a stereo preamp to cover as much frequency range as possible. What does this mean for you, the user? It means it can handle a wide variety of frequencies from electrical guitars, bass guitar, synthesizer machines and just about anything else you can plug in. The treble, bass and middle controls will cut or boost up to 20db. In addition to that, the level control will boost the signal (post EQ) up to 5 times the input depending on where the dial is set. A simple, perfect pedal to place at the end of your effect chain to boost output and fine tune your tone or at the front of the chain to alter the character of your guitar and breath new life into tired old dirt.

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  1. Taylor

    Tone Job does exactly what you’d expect from an EQ pedal. It’s clean and transparent, and the EQ dials are very usable. Props also to EarthQuaker Devices for great frequency range selection.