Electro-Harmonix SLAMMI

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Electro-Harmonix’s Slammi is a completely revolutionary new polyphonic pitch shifter. Its 11-way Max Bend control switch lets you get everything from a slight chorus shimmer to a three-octave up or down bend. You can rock it up and down like your typical expression pedal for smooth pitch shifts or leave it in the heel-down position to keep the effect engaged. And perhaps best of all, the Slammi tracks notes as fast as you play them. Polyphonic divebombs, harmony, and chorus effects have never been easier.

Brand: Electro-Harmonix


  • Advanced new algorithm that sounds great and provides glitch-free tracking; Up to three-octave maximum bend
  • Create harmonies by mixing your dry signal with the effect
  • MAX BEND Control acts as an 11-way switch to set the maximum bend/interval. Choose Detune, ½ Step, Major 2nd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th, Major 6th, Minor 7th, 1 Octaves, 2 Octaves or 3 Octaves/Dive Bomb
  • Precision control that lets you smoothly sweep your guitar’s pitch up or down; Sweep direction can be reversed so maximum pitch bend is in the heel-down position
  • Super responsive design with no moving parts, nothing to wear out or break; Comes with 9 Volt battery, 9.6DC-200BI power supply optional

Publisher: New Sensor

Release Date: 06-11-2013

Details: Slammi revolutionizes foot-controlled pitch shifting with a powerful new algorithm that yields tremendous improvements in tone. Three-octave polyphonic dive bombs, smooth as silk pitch shifting, fixed interval harmonies and bends plus much more. with the Salami’s precise control and glitch-free operation the only limit is your imagination.

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  1. Gene

    Outstanding build quality, lots of really cool sounds, and tracks better than my DigiTech Whammy. It could be user-friendlier, though. I hate that I have to pick up the pedal and switch to a different sound manually every single time.


  2. B. Grande

    I thought it was a budget-friendlier alternative to the Digitech Whammy, but nah. It’s poorly made and no different from other pitch-shifting whammies in concept.

    B. Grande