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JHS Pedals

A one of a kind fuzz pedal, the Astro Mess from JHS Pedals is rich, straightforward, and powerful. It features a Silicon Fuzz design with modern and vintage fuzz flavor. Built upon the request of Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley, it pays tribute to some classics like the Octavia and Ampeg Scrambler by having plenty of gain and volume. Controlled using Fuzz and Volume knobs, it also includes a Gate toggle that brings it to a new level when activated—filled with crunch. Tonally rich, responsive dials, and true bypass, the Astro Mess is a celebrated addition to your board.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Details: From the outer limits of space comes a fuzz that has gone where no fuzz has gone before….. Well… Maybe not from the outer limits of space, but you get the picture.The Astro Mess is a Silicon Fuzz design that has a taste of both vintage and modern fuzz. The birth child of Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley’s request and Josh Scott’s knowledge of fuzz, the Astro is a very unique and useful fuzz in the land of a thousand fuzz’s. Mr Astro tips his hat to the classic circuits like the Ampeg Scrambler, Kay Fuzztone and the Octavia due to it’s massive amount of gain and volume!It comes equipped with a volume and fuzz knob, as well as a gate toggle that when activated makes every note seem to crush underneath your picking technique. Listen to Switchfoot’s ‘Mess of Me’ or ‘The Sound’ and hear how rich but yet violent this fuzz can be. Out of this world fuzz with down to earth controls.This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.2″x4.3″x1.5″

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  1. Zion

    Good-sounding Devi Ever Hyperion clone. As such, you’d be better off getting the real thing from Devi Ever for half the price.