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JHS Pedals Ruby Red

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JHS Pedals

Designed alongside artist/producer Butch Walker, who is a JHS Pedals user himself, the Ruby Red squeezes a powerful boost and the renowned Super Bolt overdrive into a convenient pedal. The Ruby Red consists of Boost, Drive, Tone, and Volume knobs, as well as a + toggle and an order toggle for selecting the order of effects. Walker wanted a pedal that can do anything in the most convenient way possible, and with the Ruby Red, he owns one now.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: Red


  • A vintage Supro-style overdrive and clean boost for a massive range of tones
  • The Volume has tons of power for lots of headroom to boost an amp into natural breakup when the Drive is set low
  • The Tone gives you a natural tonal spectrum that is usable across the full sweep
  • As you turn up the Drive knob the natural breakup increases, from light grit to a saggy distortion
  • The + toggle works as a Lo/Hi mode, just like you’ll find a Lo and Hi input on many amplifiers
  • On its own, the Boost will give you a fantastic clean volume boost or break up your amp when cranked
  • Beneath the Boost knob, there is an order toggle to select the order of effects

Publisher: JHS

Details: Well known for his breakout work in the Marvelous 3, as well as production credits that include Weezer, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ryan Adams, and many more, Butch Walker is one of the most in-demand guys in the industry. Consequently, he’s also one of our favorites. So when he let us know that he had been using JHS pedals in session after session, we knew we had to work with him. Walker primarily gravitates toward the SuperBolt for the way it responds like an amp, but also feels like it is an extension of his amp. So we shoved one right into his new Ruby Red Signature 2-in-1 Overdrive/Fuzz/Boost. Then we added a 2-stage boost that can be placed before or after the overdrive circuit, opening up everything from a clean boost to punish your amplifier to wooly fuzz tones that will dominate your mix. Walker needs one pedal that can do everything in the easiest way possible. With the Ruby Red, he has one.

UPC: 637390553177

EAN: 4562459878310

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  1. Gideon

    So many possibilities with this pedal. You can yield anything from light/medium gain overdrive to beefy fuzz.