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The Milkman is a convenient two-in-one pedal with a tiny footprint that easily fits into your rig. It is a collaborative concept between JHS Pedals’ Josh Scott and Milkman Sound’s Tim Marcus, aiming to build a pedal that serves up an echo/slap delay and boost which can double as an always-on enhancer. If you play rockabilly, surf, country, swing, or just about any other style of good old American twang, then you need to get your hands on the Milkman.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: White


  • A pedal that can pair perfectly with the tremolo and reverb on amps; great for country and Americana players
  • A fantastic combo of slap delay and clean boost that will give you just what you need and not too much
  • Has two fully independent effects with the boost on the right side and the slap delay on the left
  • The boost is fully clean to push your amp into natural overdrive or leave on all the time as a preamp
  • The Slap control adjusts the time of the delay from 0ms to 350ms to give you just the echo you need
  • The Mix control adjusts the volume of the echo, and the Repeat control adjusts the number of repeats in the delay
  • The EQ control adjusts the brightness of the repeats to to take your sound from dark ambience to bright chirp

Publisher: JHS

Details: The Milkman is a collaborative idea between Josh Scott of JHS Pedals and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound. The concept is simple: a single pedal that offers up an echo/slap delay and a boost that can also be used as an always-on enhancer. So here we are, an easy-to-use boost/echo 2-in-1 pedal with a small footprint that fits into any rig with ease. We’d love to go on and on about The Milkman, but its beauty is in its simplicity…and tone of course. If you play country, rockabilly, swing, surf, or any other style of good old American twang, you need a slap echo and you need a boost. You need The Milkman.

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