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Spec’d from an ‘80s preamp pedal used by the Edge from U2 and other prominent players, the Clover from JHS Pedals is designed to serve as your always-on tone-shaping device. It is also primed for electric, acoustic, and bass guitars. It consists of three EQ controls that deliver plenty of control to boost or cut Bass, Treble, and Mids. A rotary switch lets you choose between three settings: No EQ, No Mids, and Full EQ.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: Green


  • The Volume control allows you to set your volume at unity or as a boost to push your amp or dirt pedals
  • Three EQ controls to give you tons of control to cut or boost Bass, Mids, and Treble
  • The rotary switch has three settings: Full EQ, No Mid, and No EQ
  • Low Cut dip switch removes some of the lows if you feel your tone is too muddy and can help you cut through a mix
  • In addition to the standard 1/4″ input and output, the Clover has an XLR output for using as an acoustic or bass preamp

Publisher: JHS

Details: In early 1984 BOSS released two strange new devices under the name “The Pocket Series”. One of those devices was the FA-1 FET Preamp and it quickly found its rightful place among the legends of tone when The Edge of U2 used it on the recording of “Unforgettable Fire” as well as placing it in his following touring rigs. The Clover Preamp/Boost is our faithful interpretation of the FA-1 but with several additional features that we believe make this amazing circuit even better. You won’t want to be without your lucky tone-shaper at any gig!

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