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The Morley Buffer Boost isn’t a guitar effects pedal, per se. Instead, it’s an essential weapon in the constant battle against tone suck. The Buffer Boost contains a buffer circuit that gives your guitar signal that extra push it needs to maintain its output level and tone, no matter how many pedals you may have in your pedal chain. You can place the Buffer Boost at the front or back of the signal chain and use it as a clean boost with up to 20dB of extra output.

Brand: Morley Pedals

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Morley Buffer Boost The Morley Buffer Boost Pedal is perfect for any player that needs a little boost from time to time. Its TrueTone Buffer circuit maintains level and tone, brings older effects to life and lets you run longer cables without any signal loss. The footswitchable clean boost with 20dB level knob is great for solos or when you need to cut through the rest of the band. Dual LEDs display when power is on and Boost is engaged. It can be powered by 9V adapter or 9V battery. The cold-rolled steel housing is built to last and take abuse and it also comes with a two-year warranty. Morley Buffer Boost Features: No signal loss Footswitchable clean boost w/ 20dB level knob Dual LEDs display Power and Boost 9v adapter or 9V battery powered Durable steel housing

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  1. Sylvester

    Perfect if you want to boost your signal for solos or use effects while still maintaining your guitar’s natural tone.