Morley Man FX Distortion Boost

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The Morley name has been around since the early days of rock and roll, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about good guitar tone. That knowledge and experience are evident in the Morley Man FX Distortion Boost, a classic analog distortion pedal with a separate boost switch for cutting through the mix during a screaming solo. Want to drop the distortion and boost a clean signal? The boost circuit works independently of the distortion, too.



  • Drive, tone and level control
  • Analog distortion with great sound
  • Boost switch
  • Rugged chassis
  • Dual LEDs show when distortion is engaged and when the boost is on

Publisher: Morley

Details: Man FX Distortion Boost Pedal. Morley has been around since rock and roll began, and within their corporate culture, they know a thing or two about guitar sound. The Morley Man FX Distortion Boost (Model MDB) is a classic analog overdrive style distortion pedal with a boost switch. It is great as a stand-alone dostortion pedal into a clean amp or power amp, or you can use it to enhance the level of overdrive on an amp that already has its own internal drive circuitry. Dual LEDs show when distortion is engaged and when the boost is on. Like all Morley boxes, the FX Distortion Boost is fashioned from cold-rolled steel and can withstand the rigors of the road. True Tone Buffer ensures signal integrity and helps drive longer cable runs.

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