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WMD Arcane Preamp

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The Arcane Preamp from boutique guitar effects pedal manufacturer WMD is a dual channel preamp stomp. A pair of dedicated gain and level pots for the boost channel gives you a lot of control; you can dial in a healthy amount of drive without having to crank the level up too much. If you need even more gain, that’s where the fuzz channel comes in. It also features its own gain and level pots as well as a three-band EQ stack for extreme tonal control and flexibility.

Brand: WMD Devices


  • 9 volt dc power supply or 9 v battery
  • Dual channel boost/fuzz preamp pedal
  • Channel 1- low gain Boost
  • Channel 2- high gain fuzz with amp like EQ

Details: The WMD Arcane Preamp is another exceptionally crafted stompbox from our friends at William Mathewson Devices. The Arcane Preamp is a dual channel pedal with a very sweet boost, and a gnarly fuzz channel. This is the perfect pedal for a guitarist who needs some grit and dirt in their single coil tones, but also needs some nasty fuzz overdrive when the situation calls for it. This pedal can do both, and it does both effectively. The low gain boost really grits up your tone like a good low gain tube amp should. You can keep it on all night long to really beef up your clean tones, or just punch it when you need something extra. The right side of the pedal is the Fuzz Channel, and has some serious amounts of gain and an amp styled EQ for complete control over the contours of the fuzz. The Boost Channel drives the Fuzz Channel, and dynamically interacts its overdrive.

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  1. Asher

    One of the best preamps out there. It’s very compact, yet the amount of features is incredible. You can nail anything from fuzz face to big muff.


  2. Metro

    Was looking for a pedal with an extensive range of tones from bold cleans to psychedelic fuzz, and Arcane Preamp fits the bill. For such a small unit, it carries a good amount of control.