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The Octapussy from Catalinbread is an Octavia-like octave-jumping fuzz pedal. Cello-esque textures, atonal landscapes, and drone melodies are all within reach, thanks to its Body and Gain controls, custom-voiced preamp section, and Atten knob. The Octapussy brings whole worlds of sounds and works best as the first pedal in your chain. This octave-up fuzz also works well at neighbor-friendly amplitudes, allowing you to explore and produce with love, even when cranking your amp is not an option.

Brand: Catalinbread

Color: Orange


  • Three carefully voiced controls that are as responsive and musical as you want them to be throughout the entire range of the knobs
  • Attn. (Attenuate) – This control should normally be set full counterclockwise. For best tone and response, only attenuate when you’ve got the Gain and Body knobs really cranking and need to reduce the output some
  • Gain – This control increases the gain for more fuzz, harmonics, and upper-midrange frequency boost. It is voiced to be usable throughout its range from minimum all the way to maximum
  • Body – This control increases the bass response or thump frequencies.

Release Date: 17-02-2016

Details: The Octapussy is, essentially, an octave-up fuzz in the tradition of the Octavia. But it’s not a clone of that circuit! Nope, it’s an original circuit utilizing three silicon transistors and two diodes that takes the tradition to the next level! The preamp section is custom voiced to give you an extremely dynamic playing response. You’ll get those famous high-octave lead tones up high on the guitar neck but you’ll also get an amazing array of fuzz tones anywhere else on the neck – just by how you play it and how your guitar’s volume, tone and pickup selector is set.

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  1. Marc Barry

    It’s a great pedal. I like the grittiness of the fuzz as well as the added bite from the octave sound. Doesn’t kill your notes like some lesser octave fuzzes. It’s also durable, well-made, and comes with a noise gate system inside.

    Marc Barry