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Carl Martin

Have you ever find yourself out on a gig playing both electric and acoustic guitar and utilizing two amps but just one pedalboard? Then Carl Martin has a simple solution for you! It understands that musicians sometimes need to supply more gear to satisfy the demands of a show. Its Route Box is a dual A/B box that allows you to route two guitars to either of the two amps. The Route Box features an amp select footswitch keeping the two amps, two instruments, and one pedalboard dedicated and routed.

Brand: Carl Martin


  • Pedalboard input/output
  • Instrument 1 and 2 input
  • Amp 1 and 2 output
  • Instrument select footswitch
  • Amp select footswitch

Publisher: Big Deal Enterprises

Release Date: 15-09-2009

Details: A double A/B box for routing two guitars to either of two amps.  Say you’re out on a gig playing both acoustic and electric guitar and you’re using two amp but only one pedal board.  The solution is very simple!  Connect the two guitars to the instrument inputs and run the output to the pedal board.  Then run the board out to the Route Box amp select input and the outputs to the two amps.  This way you can rout either of your two guitars through the pedal board to either of the two amps.

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