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The CNZ Active Volume Pedal is constructed with a sturdy steel housing, weighted knobs, and a golden CNZ Audio logo. It holds up under an overzealous volume controllers and intense heavy-footed players. This volume pedal is easy to use, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Just plug the pedal in and you get complete control of your volume. The CNZ Active Volume Pedal also boasts boost capabilities and adjustment knobs that advanced players will enjoy.

Brand: CNZ Audio


  • The CNZ Active Volume Guitar Effects Pedal has a single ¼ inch input and two ¼ inch outputs. The Volume Pedal’s output signal is controlled by the Min and Max Volume Controls, with the Max control having the ability to add a boost to your signal. The Fixed Gain Output is a Bypass Mode and can be used for a separate loop or for a Tuner Pedal. Power is provided through a 9VDC connection or a battery compartment located on the bottom of the pedal.
  • The Patent Pending, Non-Contact, Magnetic Responsive Potentiometer is a GAME CHANGER! It creates a smooth, effortless glide over a full range of volume. The Magnetic Pot eliminates glitchy movements, mechanical wear and failure of mechanical potentiometers used by other pedals. Noise free, maintenance free, grease free, mechanical failure free! This pedal is going to last!
  • Two Level Adjustment Knobs Control the Minimum and Maximum Volume Separately, and can add a Boost. The Minimum knob turned to the left gives you a muted signal when the pedal is in the back position. When the Maximum knob is set at the center, the output volume will be the same as the input volume. Any setting above center provides a Boost Effect on your signal. How sweet is that?
  • The Robust Steel Housing has strong corners, a double steel base, rigid joints, great connections and sturdy, weighted knobs. This pedal is going to hold up under intense heavy footed guitarists as well as over-zealous volume controllers. The Raised Diamond Plate Pattern Hard Rubber Foot Pad provides a firm, non-slip surface for any shoe to have a firm grip on your Volume Control. Inspire Your Music with CNZ Audio!


Look & Feel

The CNZ Active Volume Pedal is built with a strong, steel housing, a golden CNZ Audio logo on the front, and sturdy, weighted knobs. This pedal will hold up under intense heavy footed guitarists as well as overzealous volume controllers.

Amazing Tone

This volume pedal integrates a Non-Contact, Magnetic Responsive Potentiometer for a smooth and effortless glide over a full range of volume. The two Level Adjustment Knobs control the Minimum and Maximum volume separately, and can add a boost! With both the Magnetic Pot and the Adjustment Knobs, amazing tone is right at your finger tips (and toes)!

For Beginners & Advanced Players Alike

The simplicity of this Volume Pedal makes it great for beginners. Simply plug it in and you have full control over your volume. Advanced players will enjoy the Adjustment Knobs and the Boost capabilities that this pedal has to offer. Inspire your music with CNZ Audio!

Standard 9VDC (- center, + outside) power supply required, but sold separately*

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