CNZ Audio Lil Re-Pete Looper

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Get about ten minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing with the CNZ Audio Lil Re-Pete Looper Guitar Effects Pedal. You can conveniently download and upload recordings through the micro USB port using the USB cable that comes with the package. This innovative pedal incorporates recorded sounds without skipping a beat and eliminates the need to sacrifice your tunes’ tone. Budding players will love the simplicity of a one-knob looper pedal, while advanced players will enjoy the looper and recording opportunities. Craft different parts to sound like several players at one time.

Brand: CNZ Audio


  • The Lil RePete Looper Guitar Effects Pedal from CNZ Audio gives you 10 minutes of recording time and unlimited overdubbing! Yes, unlimited! Drop any number of tracks on one recording on the internal solid state storage device.
  • Easily upload and download recordings via the micro USB port using the USB cable included in the package.
  • The Mix knob at the top of the pedal allows the user to adjust the sound level of each loop you are recording. Make different loops louder or softer by adjusting on the fly!
  • Using the stomp switch in certain modes allows for recording, overdubbing, resetting, recovering deleted files, and turning the pedal on and off. Make amazing sounds while sounding like multiple musicians with an awesome loop pedal.


Look & Feel

The housing is made of a solid metal and the knobs are weighted to make for durable, easy use. The look consists of neatly placed repeat symbols covering the entire pedal, making it very stylish and musical. While it has a solid build, its mini size allows it to be lightweight, easy to travel with, and leaves plenty of room on your pedalboard. The bottom of the pedal has a thick rubber pad to keep it still on any surface.

Amazing Tone

This pedal perfectly embodies recorded sounds without skipping a beat. You won’t need to sacrifice the tone of your tunes with this looper pedal. Set the level of each recording separately and drop an unlimited number of overdubs in the 10 minute capacity recording.

For Advanced Players & Beginners Alike

The simplicity of a one knob looper pedal makes this easy for a beginner player, while the recording and looper opportunities make this pedal great for any advanced player. Create multiple parts to sound like multiple players at one time! Plug in a bass or ukulele to fill in the rest of your band! Inspire Your Music with CNZ Audio!

Standard 9VDC (- center, + outside) power supply required, but sold separately*

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