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Da Vinci has completely embodied the Renaissance spirit. He was an architect, engineer, sculptor, draftsman, and painter. It is like one figure possessing all human knowledge. The Leonardo Compressor consists of two knobs: Sensitivity and Output. It is perfect for solo sustain and designed to bring about a controlled output level connected to the chosen sensitivity. The manual circuit design is crafted with a focus on the treatment of the signal audio paths. Top-grade components and true bypass switch are among the specific choices made for the standard of Dophix pedals.

Brand: Dophix


  • Compressor with 2 Controls – Right “Output” – Left “Sensitivity”.
  • Compressor designed to achieve a controlled output level related to the selected sensitivity.
  • With the “Sensitivity” control you can choose the best dynamic compression range. The “Output” regulation let you adjustment the optimal output level.
  • Leonardo is also ideal for solo sustain.
  • Vintage component research with: integrated circuit and transistors of the series belonging to the production of the ’70s stock.

Details: Da Vinci has fully embodied the spirit of the Renaissance. He was a painter, a draftsman, a sculptor, an architect and an engineer. It is like having enclosed in one single figure all the human knowledge. Not by chance the compressor of the Da Vinci experience is dedicated to Leonardo, with the will to indicate thatinside. The pedal were “tablets” all this knowledge. A singular effect arises , simple in its use but extremely sensitive in the setting and important in the chain effects.

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