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Dr No Effects

The Dr. No Effects More Gary Heavy Blues Stompbox is like those that created the sounds of Jeff Beck’s dramatic Gibson scream and the very defined Stratocaster twang of Stevie Ray Vaugn. The More Gary handles every “moody blues” mode with ease, from gentle to hard strum, it will let you control your tone with more texture and range. It carries Volume, Tone, and Drive controls. The More Gary craves to be combined with a small tube amp. Its exceptional controls allow you infinite tweaking possibilities.

Brand: Dr. No Effects

Details: Blues, anyone? From Stevie Ray Vaugn’s super defined Stratocaster twang to Jeff Beck’s dramatic Gibson scream, guess what kind of stompboxes made those sounds? Well, let me tell you, if it wasn’t something extremely similar to the “More Gary” I’ll eat my record collection! This box handles each “moody blues” mode with ease, from very subtle to a hard strum, it will give you the ability to control your tone with more range and texture.
The “More Gary” definitely longs to be combined with a nice little tube amp and with its exceptional controls it will give you endless tweaking possibilities.

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