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EarthQuaker Devices

You can never go wrong with a good compressor pedal, and the Warden optical compressor guitar effects pedal from EarthQuaker Devices is a no-brainer. The Warden keeps your dynamics well in line, from barely-there compression to ultra-heavy squashing, but doesn’t sacrifice any of your tone’s original musicality when doing so. It rocks a feature set that you normally see only in studio-grade compressors, giving you complete control over your sound’s attack, release, sustain, and ratio.

Brand: Earthquaker Devices

Color: Blue


  • Complete tone enhancement tool designed around a stereo preamp to cover as much frequency range as possible
  • Handles a wide variety of frequencies from electrical guitars, bass guitar, synthesizer machines and just about anything else you can plug in
  • The treble, bass and middle controls will cut or boost up to 20db
  • The level control will boost the signal (post EQ) up to 5 times the input depending on where the dial is set
  • A simple, perfect pedal to place at the end of your effect chain to boost output and fine tune your tone
  • Place at the front of the chain to alter the character of your guitar and breathe new life into tired old dirt
  • Made with care by human hands in Akron, Ohio

Details: Hey BOSS, thanks for taking a visit from the warden! the warden is an optical compressor with a feature set usually reserved for studio grade units. Built with high grade components and internally powered by 18V, the warden has loads of gain and sustain on tap. With complete control over attack, release, sustain and ratio, the warden will allow everything from a heavy SQUASH with fast attack and release to “barely there” subtle compression. Optical compression has a reputation for having more character than a VCA or FET based compression and the warden is no exception.

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