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Rein in unruly and unwanted signal noise with the Kult Noise Gate GK-28 guitar effects pedal from GOKKO. This budget- and pedalboard-friendly stompbox helps reduce the hums, hisses, and buzzes that invariably show up to pollute your signal when you have a lot of pedals, especially high-gain ones, in your chain. Use the sensitivity control knob to tell the noise gate when to kick in and use the two-way selector switch to choose between a soft, gradual volume cut or a hard and steep drop.

Brand: GOKKO

Color: KULT Noise Gate


  • THE NOISE GATE Effect Pedal, is a excellent noise gate pedal,killing the noise without killing your tone.
  • New model from GOKKO Music Pedal Noise Reduction.
  • Input Impedance:1M Ohms Output Impedance:1K Ohms Current Draw:30mA
  • True Bypass effect pedal.
  • The NOISE GATE: And the attenuation of the ending tone is very natural.

Details: GOKKO GK-28 ”KULT” Noise gate

The Gokko KULT Noise gate is a pedal which can help reduce the noise hum and buzz of other pedals (especially high gain distortion) in your pedal chain.
There are two main controls.
The sensitivity control dictates the level when the noise gate kicks in.
At higher settings anything below aggressive strumming will be cut.
The two way selector switch controls if the gate kicks in aggressively switch a steep volume cut, or more softly with a gradual cut.
Runs off a 9v power supply.

Color: Black
Bypass:True Bypass Switching
Power Consumption:9VDC/30mA
Power: 9V battery or 9V DC power adapter (neither included)
AC Adapter (Optional):9VDC, Center Negative
Input Impedance:1M ohm (min)
Output Impedance:470 ohm
Product weight: 230g
Package weight: 250g
Product size: 11.2 * 6.4 * 3.4cm
Package size: 12.9 * 7.7 * 6cm

Please use the 9V power adapter whose polarity is positive pole outside and negative pole inside. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.

Package list:
1 * GOKKO Noise gate guitar effect pedal

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