J. Rockett 10 Ton Hammer

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J Rockett

The J. Rockett 10 Ton Hammer is an old-school high gain pedal crafted to give you articulate distortion with some brilliant sustain and a tight bottom end. It delivers supreme overdrive while preserving the voicing of your amp and guitar as well as offering harmonically lush distortion for fat crunching chords and searing leads. The 10 Ton Hammer is meant for high gain old school purists. Featuring individual Treble and Bass knobs, this very musical pedal enables highly tweakable tones.

Brand: Rockett


  • The 10 Ton Hammer is pretty self explanatory.
  • This pedal was designed for the high gain old school purist.
  • With separate bass and treble controls this pedal allows for very tweakable tones.

Details: Geared toward the conissuers of hair metal tone and big hair, the Rockett 10 Ton Hammer pedal will bring you from crunch to screaming distortion in an instance!

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