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The Kilt V2 by JHS Pedals is a modified Expandora-esque dirt box that provides you with truckloads of tonal options. A specially selected op-amp delivers extremely low noise and a better slew rate for more seamless structure. The Flat/Cut toggle lets you cut the low end frequencies. In Flat position, you get a beefy bass response for intense guitar riffs or bass grit. Using the G1 and G2 toggles, you can pick different kinds of distortion through select resistance values.

Brand: JHS Pedals

Color: Silver


  • A heavily tweaked Expandora-style dirt box that gives you tons of tonal options
  • A specifically chosen op-amplifier offers super low noise and an improved slew rate for smoother structure
  • The cut/flat toggle gives you the option to cut the low end frequencies to better sit in the mix
  • When in the “flat” position, the bass response is beefy for those heavy guitar riffs or bass grit
  • The G1 and G2 toggles let you select various forms of distortion via select resistance values
  • Covers light transparent drive all the way to a wall of fat fuzz/distortion and everything found in-between
  • The V2 works with a Red Remote to switch the G2 toggle and flip into heavy overdrive or fuzz on the fly

Publisher: JHS

Details: When the opportunity to work with Stu G came about (legendary guitarist, writer, producer, and founding member of UK band Delirious) we couldn’t pass it up. Right out of the gate Stu G wanted a dirt box that could essentially cover any-and-all ground he needed for his studio work and extensive touring gigs. From that request the Kilt was born, and for the V2 we have refined it to be a compact and versatile tone-machine.

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