Joyo PXL-8

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Have you started taking tapdancing lessons just to keep up with constant stompbox switching? Joyo’s PXL-8 multi-effects routing unit will simplify things for you. The PXL-8 comes with eight programmable banks, each with four tone groupings, for a total of 32 programmable settings; plug your pedals in and you can activate multiple effects with a single stomp. You won’t have to hire an assistant (or grow a third leg) to manage your army of pedals anymore.

Brand: Joyo Audio

Color: Black


  • Combine effects and turn them ALL ON with one click
  • Several banks of pedal configuration settings
  • Signal integrity is not negatively effected
  • Switching occurs seamlessly, with up to 4 pedals ON/OFF together

Details: This device allows the gigging musician or session guitarist complete flexibility over the pedal chain. Every guitar knows different pedal setups provide different tones. Flanger and delay, to use a very common example, sounds very different from either one all by itself. The only real drawback, posing a significant challenge to overcome (especially when playing live), is the inability to switch pedals ON at the same time. You may have been there, missing / wishing you nailed your distortion punch in, at that exact moment between verse and chorus.. because you were clicking off your wah! Sound familiar?? Go back, do it again and wait, you can’t do that live!

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