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The Keeley DynaTrem dynamic tremolo and reverb guitar effects pedal is a highly-responsive tremolo stomp. The tremolo effect’s rate and depth respond directly according to your unique picking attack. Play harder and it responds more; go soft and the effect relaxes with you. You get a trio of tremolo modes: Dynamic Rate, Dynamic Depth, and a vibey, highly-musical Harmonic Tremolo + Reverb mode. You also get a choice between Ramp Up, Sine Wave, Ramp Down, and Square waveforms for iron-fisted tonal control.

Brand: Keeley

Color: Multi-Color


  • Tone Trio – Three Modes. Dynamic Rate, Dynamic Depth, Harmonic Tremolo
  • Wave Table – you get 4 wave-forms: Ramp Up, Sine Wave, Ramp Down, and Square Wave
  • Integrated noise reduction – developed with the code to reduce noise swells common with tremolo circuit, you get the quietest effect possible

Details: The DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo by Keeley Engineering is an all new type of tremolo that is dynamic and responsive to your playing.   Your playing controls the Rate and Depth.  The harder you play, the more it responds.  Play softly and it relaxes

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