Mad Professor Golden Cello

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Mad Professor

A highly musical overdrive packed together with a vintage tape echo- and bucket brigade-style delay. The Golden Cello guitar effects pedal from Mad Professor lives up to its name, serving up harmonically rich tones that seems to come straight from a celestial quartet. You get four dedicated control knobs: Delay, Drive, Volume, and Tone. True tone-tweakers can also open up the Golden Cello to access internal trim pots that provide enhanced control over the delay effect.

Brand: Mad Professor


  • Eric Johnson in a box (EJ uses this himself!)
  • Has the whole package: fuzz into overdriven amp with Echoplex delay.
  • Works with any clean amp.

Publisher: Mad Professor Amplification

Release Date: 01-11-2015

Details: The Golden cello pedal deliva huge singing overdrive tone, with high quality tape echo type delay. To get this kind of tone anywhere else would cost you thousands of dollars and hours of knob twisting. Just plug your Golden cello into your clean amplifier, and you’ll experience, mountainous, juicy lead tone at any volume level that only takes up one space on your pedal board. Sonic perfection is now in your hands and at your feet.

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