Marshall Edward Compressor

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The ED-1 Edward compressor guitar effects pedal from Marshall gives you more level and sustain than you can normally wring out of your guitar. The ED-1 Edward features attack and compression controls for dialing in your perfect sonic settings precisely. A dedicated emphasis control also lets you choose whether you want to apply more compression to highs or to lows. The ED-1 Edward gives you full tonal flexibility, whether you’re laying down a rhythm part or screaming through a solo.

Brand: Marshall


  • Controls – Emphasis control, Volume control, Attack control, and Compression control
  • Signal Out / Bypass Output Jack
  • Less 1k-Ohms Output Load Impedance
  • Dimensions – 120x65x55
  • Weight – 510 grams

Details: Compressor pedal. Made by Marshall.

For liquid leads, funky clean chords or choppy yet consistent chicken pickin’, call on Edward the Compressor!

Adds sustain to your solos and evens out your attack, getting rid of all of those nasty peaks and troughs, making for a fluid, smooth, legato-like guitar tone. Perfect for solos, funky clean chords and chickin’ pickin styles.

Features include:
– Emphasis control
– Volume control
– Attack control
– Compression control
– Solid metal construction
– Cold forged name badge
– Passive Bypass

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