Mission Engineering EP 25 Pro

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Mission Engineering

Mission Engineering’s EP-25 Pro expression pedal sports the sleek Mission Aero design. The pure Zinc Aero is half the weight of a regular Mission pedal, perfect for weight-sensitive applications. The 25K Ohm linear taper potentiometer is fully sealed for durability and smooth action. Two-channel outputs control up to two devices simultaneously. It can be extended with the Expressionator to manage as much as four devices from a single expression pedal. The Aero design’s extended sweep makes the EP-25 Pro a versatile expression pedal for volume control and whammy, wah, and effects parameter controls.

Brand: Mission Engineering

Color: Black


  • 25K Ohm linear taper potentiometer
  • Independent polarity switches for each channel

Details: The EP-25-PRO is the first expression pedal to feature the new Mission Aero design. The all Zinc Aero is half the weight of a standard Mission pedal, ideal for fly rigs and other weight sensitive applications. The 25K Ohm linear taper potentiometer in the EP-25-PRO is fully sealed for a smooth action and a long life. Dual channel outputs control one or two devices simultaneously, and can be expanded with Expressionator to control up to four devices from one expression pedal.

The extended sweep of the Aero design makes this an ideal all round expression pedal for volume control as well as, wah, whammy, and effects parameter controls. The rear cut away and extended length curved surface are ergonomically designed for comfortable use in either standing or sitting positions. The EP-25-PRO is perfect not just for for guitar, but keyboards, acoustic instruments, and both live and studio use.

The EP-25-PRO features independent polarity switches for each channel. This allows for compatibility with a wide range of different pedals, rack effects, modeling amplifiers, keyboards, MIDI controllers and other expression controlled devices.

The EP-25-PRO is finished in a choice of resilient, non reflective black stealth style powder coat, or a dramatic gold carbon fiber graphic finish.

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