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With the Gemini Chorus by Source Audio, you get three styles of deep, hypnotic chorus—Classic, Dual, and Quad voiced effects. Classic mode produces a single voiced effect conjuring creamy and subtle tones from the initial wave of 70s chorus pedals. The lush and thick Dual chorus serves up a seamless but animated double voiced effect. The spacious and rich Quad chorus emulates that 80s feel with its subdued rack system sound. After finding your chorus, you can dial in the sweet spot using the Tone and Mix knobs.

Brand: Source Audio

Color: Blue


  • Three styles of chorus including single, dual, and quad voiced effects.
  • Download additional flanger and phaser algorithms or access a deep editing system with the Neuro Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Pair the Gemini with the Neuro Hub and save up to 128 presets recallable with MIDI program change messages from an external MIDI foot controller.

Release Date: 01-08-2015

Details: The Gemini Chorus offers three types of deep, hypnotic chorus. Classic mode creates a single voiced effect that conjures subtle and creamy tones from the first wave of 1970s chorus pedals. The thick and rich Dual Chorus provides a smooth, yet animated double voiced effect. The lush and spacious Quad chorus recaptures that ’80s vibe with its less than subtle rack system sound. Once you’ve found your chorus, dial in the sweet spot with the onboard Mix and Tone controls. Out of the box, the Gemini offers tremendous tonal range, but beneath the hood resides a much deeper level of power and flexibility. Every pedal in the One Series line is compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and (coming soon) Android). Link the Gemini to the Neuro App and access Source Audio’s free library of additional phaser, flanger, and chorus algorithms – each can be downloaded directly to your Gemini Chorus. The Neuro App also offers an extended set of adjustable parameters including Feedback, Output Level, embeddable Tremolo, a Parametric EQ, Advanced Signal Routing and more. Plus, every One Series pedal is fully MIDI compatible when coupled with the Neuro Hub (formerly Soundblox Hub), giving you the power to save up to 128 presets.

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